What Are The Benefits of Casino ATMs?

casino shutterstock_245913085The casino industry is a booming sector in the United States with over 1,500 casinos across the country and billions of dollars in revenue each year! Anytime you think of a casino, some iconic places come to mind like the Las Vegas strip in Nevada or the ocean front gambling centers found in Atlantic City. These noteworthy places draw in millions of tourists each year to press their luck at slot machines, poker tables and other casino games with the hopes of winning big. It is without a doubt that plenty of people visit the casinos each year and according to Statista, approximately 80 million Americans visited one during the past 12 months and they budgeted over $100 a day for casino gambling!

But, one thing that gamers hate about the whole casino experience is waiting around for their winnings. Sometimes lines at ticket redemption booths can take quite a bit of time to payout winners and no one likes to wait. So what can casinos do to speed up the process and improve the gaming experience? They can equip their gaming floors with multi-functional ATMs that can do much more than dispense money!

ATM Machines For Casinos

Most people are familiar with the basic functions of an ATM and that is to get cash when we need it. They serve a vital role on the casino floor because gamers can get their cash in a convenient location rather than leaving for the bank. However, ATMs specifically designed for casinos come fully equipped to handle a wide range of functions that can reduce operational costs and improve the customer experience. In fact, ATM service providers have designed them to include features such as bill breaking, ticket redemption, credit & debit cash advances, check verification, electronic signatures, cash withdrawals and much more.

These key functions can eliminate the need of hiring additional personnel to manage day-to-day transactions, which will reduce overall operating costs. On top of that, having multiple casino ATMs on the gaming floor can enhance customer service because visitors won’t have to wait in long lines and that means they can spend more time at the slot machines and card tables.

Is your casino ready to improve customer service and save on operational costs by using multi-functional ATMs?