4 Questions to Ask When Buying an ATM

Buying an ATM is a major decision for your business. When you look at an ATM machine for sale, there’s a lot to consider. This is a machine that can make money for you and provide convenience for your customers—or it can be a costly headache. Make sure to make a good investment by asking these four questions before you buy:

man putting card in ATM machine

1.  Is it a brand you’ve heard of and trust?
When you see an ATM for sale, chances are you’ll get the best price when you deal with a large distributer who offers multiple brands—it’s rare to buy from the manufacturer directly. But the name of the manufacturer still matters. Remember, you will be relying on your ATM machine for security, for convenience, for profit, and for ease of use for your staff and customers. This is not a place where you want to skimp on an off brand. Look for machines from trusted manufacturers such as Diebold, Hantle/Tranax, Triton, and others.

2.  If the ATM has been used before, has it been serviced and how?
You don’t need to buy an ATM that is hot off the assembly line and, in many cases, you will be overpaying if you do. However, you cannot accept a “worn and torn” hand-me-down for the same reasons that you can’t accept an off brand. Any used ATM you buy should have been put through some level of inspection and testing, and fully serviced to bring it back to “like new” condition.

3.  What kind of support plan comes with the ATM?
It’s rare, but ATMs do break down. They also have a learning curve for you and your staff. If any kind of problem comes up, whether it is a failure of the machine or simply a difficulty using it, you need to know you have someone you can count on. Live support should be available 24/7, including access to experienced ATM service professionals.

4.  What happens if you no longer want the ATM?
Your business needs may change. The ATM machine that seems indispensable today may be dead weight tomorrow. If this happens, will you be responsible for selling the machine yourself? Does your supplier offer a buyback program, or can they resell the device for you? There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but you should know your exit options before buying.

What else would you want to know when looking at an ATM for sale?