Benefits of Having an ATM at Your Business

man putting card in ATM machineThe ATM is one of the most popular inventions in recent memory due to its convenience for those who need cash fast. No longer do people need to wait in line for the teller. Now they can use a debit card at a machine and have a desired amount of cash dispensed to them within minutes. There are even drive-up ATM machines cropping up across the country, making them even more convenient as you no longer have to get out of your car. Here are some benefits to having an ATM at your business.

Attract More Customers

When people see the ATM sign in your business’ window it will help to attract more customers. Even if they don’t purchase anything from your business at the time, they will always remember there was an ATM there. At some point they will return and give your store business outside of just using the ATM.

Increase Income

An ATM machine for sale that you purchase for your business can increase the income of your business. ATM machines used by customers that are not associated with their bank typically charge a fee. The fee can range from $2 to $5 or more, depending on the ATM rules. This fee will go into your pocket 100 percent of the time if you own the ATM. If you rent the ATM, you will receive a percentage of the fee charged.

Reduce Credit Card Fees

When your business has an ATM in it, it can reduce the amount of credit card fees paid by becoming a cash only business. So, not only can you stop paying credit card fees by going cash only, but you can also make money by charging a fee to use the ATM if you bought the ATM machine for sale. You can also reduce the amount of bounced check fees you are charged.