Benefits of Having an ATM at Your Business

man putting card in ATM machineThe ATM is one of the most popular inventions in recent memory due to its convenience for those who need cash fast. No longer do people need to wait in line for the teller. Now they can use a debit card at a machine and have a desired amount of cash dispensed to them within minutes. There are even drive-up ATM machines cropping up across the country, making them even more convenient as you no longer have to get out of your car. Here are some benefits to having an ATM at your business.

Attract More Customers

When people see the ATM sign in your business’ window it will help to attract more customers. Even if they don’t purchase anything from your business at the time, they will always remember there was an ATM there. At some point they will return and give your store business outside of just using the ATM.

Increase Income

An ATM machine for sale that you purchase for your business can increase the income of your business. ATM machines used by customers that are not associated with their bank typically charge a fee. The fee can range from $2 to $5 or more, depending on the ATM rules. This fee will go into your pocket 100 percent of the time if you own the ATM. If you rent the ATM, you will receive a percentage of the fee charged.

Reduce Credit Card Fees

When your business has an ATM in it, it can reduce the amount of credit card fees paid by becoming a cash only business. So, not only can you stop paying credit card fees by going cash only, but you can also make money by charging a fee to use the ATM if you bought the ATM machine for sale. You can also reduce the amount of bounced check fees you are charged.


ATM Equipment Can Get More People in Your Business Today

ATM Equipment

The toughest thing about being a small business owner is attracting people to your business. It doesn’t matter if you own a small convenience store, a restaurant, or a tax accounting firm. Customers are your life blood, and if you don’t have enough, you could risk losing your business almost as soon as it starts. You most likely don’t have the funds for a large marketing campaign, so you’re going to have to get creative if you want to have people come out. If you’re ready to finally get more customers, follow these tips and you’ll have more business before you know it.

Have a good social media presence

Did you know that this year spending in online marketing has officially surpassed the amount spent on traditional advertising? Online marketing isn’t just for young people; customers of every age and background use the internet to shop. Having a good website is an easy way to find customers, but having a good social media presence would be even better. Take pictures of your business and be sure to show people your staff, your product, and other customers when you post. Also, make sure to have a complete profile so people can learn everything they need to know about what you do when they look at your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Be active in the community

If you’re a small business, your main customer base is going to be local residents. If you want to attract them to your business, show them that you’re a part of the community.  Donate your goods or services to a charity event you believe in. Buy some ad space in the school’s playbill when they do their fall play. If you don’t want to do anything formal, simply show up at the next town hall or community gathering and introduce yourself.  Showing people that you’re an active member in the community can make you seem like another trustworthy part of their town or city.That memory of you could mean the difference between them using your services or going to a chain.

Offer something extra

Sometimes, if you want to get people’s foot in the door, you have to think beyond typical sales and promotions.  Sometimes, offering something a little different can help bring in the right people. Offer to validate parking, and you’ll see your foot traffic go up. Get ATM equipment so that people will stop in and take a brief look at what you do.

4 Questions to Ask When Buying an ATM

Buying an ATM is a major decision for your business. When you look at an ATM machine for sale, there’s a lot to consider. This is a machine that can make money for you and provide convenience for your customers—or it can be a costly headache. Make sure to make a good investment by asking these four questions before you buy:

man putting card in ATM machine

1.  Is it a brand you’ve heard of and trust?
When you see an ATM for sale, chances are you’ll get the best price when you deal with a large distributer who offers multiple brands—it’s rare to buy from the manufacturer directly. But the name of the manufacturer still matters. Remember, you will be relying on your ATM machine for security, for convenience, for profit, and for ease of use for your staff and customers. This is not a place where you want to skimp on an off brand. Look for machines from trusted manufacturers such as Diebold, Hantle/Tranax, Triton, and others.

2.  If the ATM has been used before, has it been serviced and how?
You don’t need to buy an ATM that is hot off the assembly line and, in many cases, you will be overpaying if you do. However, you cannot accept a “worn and torn” hand-me-down for the same reasons that you can’t accept an off brand. Any used ATM you buy should have been put through some level of inspection and testing, and fully serviced to bring it back to “like new” condition.

3.  What kind of support plan comes with the ATM?
It’s rare, but ATMs do break down. They also have a learning curve for you and your staff. If any kind of problem comes up, whether it is a failure of the machine or simply a difficulty using it, you need to know you have someone you can count on. Live support should be available 24/7, including access to experienced ATM service professionals.

4.  What happens if you no longer want the ATM?
Your business needs may change. The ATM machine that seems indispensable today may be dead weight tomorrow. If this happens, will you be responsible for selling the machine yourself? Does your supplier offer a buyback program, or can they resell the device for you? There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but you should know your exit options before buying.

What else would you want to know when looking at an ATM for sale?

What Are The Benefits of Casino ATMs?

casino shutterstock_245913085The casino industry is a booming sector in the United States with over 1,500 casinos across the country and billions of dollars in revenue each year! Anytime you think of a casino, some iconic places come to mind like the Las Vegas strip in Nevada or the ocean front gambling centers found in Atlantic City. These noteworthy places draw in millions of tourists each year to press their luck at slot machines, poker tables and other casino games with the hopes of winning big. It is without a doubt that plenty of people visit the casinos each year and according to Statista, approximately 80 million Americans visited one during the past 12 months and they budgeted over $100 a day for casino gambling!

But, one thing that gamers hate about the whole casino experience is waiting around for their winnings. Sometimes lines at ticket redemption booths can take quite a bit of time to payout winners and no one likes to wait. So what can casinos do to speed up the process and improve the gaming experience? They can equip their gaming floors with multi-functional ATMs that can do much more than dispense money!

ATM Machines For Casinos

Most people are familiar with the basic functions of an ATM and that is to get cash when we need it. They serve a vital role on the casino floor because gamers can get their cash in a convenient location rather than leaving for the bank. However, ATMs specifically designed for casinos come fully equipped to handle a wide range of functions that can reduce operational costs and improve the customer experience. In fact, ATM service providers have designed them to include features such as bill breaking, ticket redemption, credit & debit cash advances, check verification, electronic signatures, cash withdrawals and much more.

These key functions can eliminate the need of hiring additional personnel to manage day-to-day transactions, which will reduce overall operating costs. On top of that, having multiple casino ATMs on the gaming floor can enhance customer service because visitors won’t have to wait in long lines and that means they can spend more time at the slot machines and card tables.

Is your casino ready to improve customer service and save on operational costs by using multi-functional ATMs?

The Latest Changes To Cards: EMV Technology

sliding cardThe nationwide rollout and mandate of authenticated EMV chip-card transactions has just passed its official deadline of October 1st, 2015. This massive transition to the new way of processing debit/credit card purchases is one of the largest changes consumers and merchants have seen in decades. Let’s briefly take a step back in time to see how things have progressed throughout the years!

The concept of exchanging goods through credit has been in work since the late 1800s, where consumers would use credit coins or charge plates as currency when buying goods from a merchant. Fast forward into the next century and we started to see department stores issue their own in-store cards that would only work at their specific store and this concept still continues today with mass popularity. Transitioning onto the freedom of making purchases wherever a card was used, was the “Charg-It” card introduced in 1946 from Briggins’ Bank (an old defunct bank originally based in Brooklyn). However, there was a catch when using it; the “Charg-It” card could only be used locally and by customers who had an account at the bank.

Plastic credit cards and charge cards debuted in the 1950s and American Express was notably the trendsetter of the card revolution. Within the first five years of them introducing local currency credit cards in the US and abroad, nearly 1 million cards were being used at approximately 85,000 establishments. Originally, card holders had to settle their full card bills at the end of each month, which was functionally called a ‘closed-loop’ system. But, nearing the end of 1959, the option of a revolving balance was available, which allowed card holders to no longer pay off their entire bill at the end of each billing cycle. This opened the door to the accumulation finance charges and allowed consumers to manage their money with more flexibility.

As time continued, other major banks joined the credit card/bank card revolution and that eventually lead to what we are familiar with today. While the methods of processing a transaction has varied throughout the years, we’ve come all too used to swiping our cards through a point-of-sale terminal where our card information is authorized through the magnetic strip and PIN numbers/signatures. However, that brings us to this new EMV authorization process that’s now the new and improved way of making purchases at a merchant.

The EMV technology is a special chip that vastly improves the security of cardholders and makes it much more difficult for thieves to steal consumers’ card information. While only 40% of consumers have received their new EMV chip-enabled cards, merchants are having a hard time accommodating the new payment method because it requires a point-of-sale terminal upgrade. This upgrade can be quite expensive for smaller merchants and mom-and-pop shops because some EMV terminals can cost upwards of $1000 or more. This is making some establishments go with the option to buy ATM machines rather than accepting card transactions until they can afford these new terminals.

4 Reasons Why ATM Branding Is Important

ATM machine for saleATMs can be found almost anywhere! You see them on the corner, along sidewalks, in bars, inside convenience stores and everywhere else in between…and they have a bigger purpose than dispensing money. ATM machines are valuable tools that can make big statements if they are effectively used to their full potential but it takes more than their standard appearance to make a difference. Check out these four reasons why branding your ATM is important!

1. Increase Awareness

Any business that has an ATM can utilize its ideal location to beef up their brand awareness with a vibrant and visually impacting wrap. Think about billboards you see every day: they grab your attention with attractive colors and interesting designs – now apply this principle to your ATM. By making your ATM standout, customers will notice which can lead to increased business.

2. Improved Machine Use

Complementing the above reason, a vibrant and branded ATM makes it easy to spot which results in enhanced customer convenience. If they can easily spot your ATM due to its appealing design, your ATM will experience more transactions that’ll boost your rate of return. After all, the purpose of your ATM is to provide customers with ultimate convenience and if you can make it easy to see, you’ll reap the rewards.

3. Differentiate From Competitors

The thing about running a business is that you have competitors who are also trying to target the same customers as you. This leaves you with the task of being different and showing consumers how your services are better. With this in mind, it goes the same with your ATM because more than likely, your ATM isn’t the only one on the block. You’ll want to capitalize on this opportunity to increase your ATMs competitiveness and a branded ATM can be your differentiating factor.

4. Reinforce Customer Connections

Customers love to feel connected and that applies to every aspect of their experience with your business. By branding your ATM, customers will be able to feel more connected to your services. Reinforcing your business message and keeping everything streamlined will go a far way to drive repeat and new business.

When you are looking for ways to revamp your business marketing strategy, consider how you will brand your ATM. Start fresh by searching for an ATM machine for sale and then working with a team of designers to complement the unit with your brand in mind!